NSW Law of the Land

Property law incorporates all matters that are connected to land. It includes the transfer of land during the conveyancing process as a consequence of a purchase or sale.

Issues of transfer of land may also include consideration of:

  • Easements over the land and over surrounding parcels of land;
  • Covenants affecting the land;
  • Infrastructure and services available to the land; 
  • Planning restrictions on the approved use of the land;
  • By-laws, minutes, resolutions and financial statements relating to land within a strata plan or community title scheme;
  • Water access rights applicable to the land;
  • Road enclosure permits;
  • Local Government and statutory controls applying to the land; 
  • The attachment of items to the land, such as buildings, fences, crops and the like;
  • Stamp duties assessment, exemptions and reductions; 
  • Land tax and its application to individuals and corporate entities;
  • Capital Gains Tax;
  • Foreign Investment Review Board approvals; 
  • Loan and security documentation as well as other dealings encumbering the land, such as mortgages, caveats, writs and the like; and
  • Environmental issues, such as land contamination, remediation, clearing, land use and the like.

Property law also includes a number of other areas of practise unrelated to the conveyancing process. Examples are:

  • Subdivisions of land;
  • Leasing of commercial property and rural land;
  • Residential Tenancy Agreements in respect of residential property;
  • Put and call options for the sale and purchase of land;
  • Share Farming Agreements;
  • Neighbourhood disputes;
  • Partition and consolidation of land;
  • Incorporation and establishment of landholding entities; 
  • Succession planning; and
  • Intergenerational Transfers.

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