Legal Approaches to Water in NSW

Is your next business venture dependent on local water resources? Before you start your project, you may need to obtain a water access licence or require some advice on water law.

Water law refers to a range of laws and regulations under the Water Management Act NSW designed to control the allocation of water resources across NSW. Defined water sharing plans specify the amount of water available for extraction from a particular source and how it is distributed between the environmental needs of the river or aquifer and other water users.  A Water Access Licence (WAL) is generally required to extract water from rivers or aquifers to use for irrigation and industrial or commercial use. Speak to one of our experienced solicitors to assist with your water law needs.

Proceed with confidence

Water legislation can be confusing and is subject to changes and amendments both from Government and environmental impacts. Leyden Legal regularly work with clients in relation to their water licence applications, amendments, subdivisions or assignments. 

What help you obtain a Water Access Licence

At Leyden Legal, we will help you determine what your licence requirements are, the type of licence/s you may need, and facilitate the application process through WaterNSW. 
  • The source you wish to take water from 
  • Water sharing priorities
  • Intended use of water - general or defined purpose
  • Specific conditions which apply under the relevant water sharing plan

Water legislation can be confusing and is subject to changes and amendments, at Leyden Legal we’ll make sure your licence application meets all the current requirements and criteria to ensure you have the best chance of achieving your goals and objectives.

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