Succession Planning for Generations

Leyden Legal has been helping our local businesses for three generations. We know the local business environment and we have the experience and expertise to help you with the intricacies of business succession planning We offer legal counselling services to help you successfully transfer your business to your successor. It’s important to invest the time in putting in place a strategy of handover in the event of your retirement, disability or death.

What does organisational succession planning involve?

Business or organisational succession planning refers to the process of transferring ownership of a business to a successor. A business owner can choose any person as their replacement, we’ll take you through the next steps by providing legal input into your succession plan.

By having a comprehensive succession plan in place, your future needs and that of your business are well protected, and secure in case of unexpected events.

When you handover your business there may be impacts on your personal, family and tax obligations. Your business succession planning should be incorporated into your estate planning.

What we can do for you

Leyden Legal will help you analyse the needs of the business, it’s value, how to look after your employees and family relationships while minimising your estate and income taxes. We’ll advise you on the legal implications, recommendation options, minimise risk, and help shepherd you and the business through the transition phase.

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