70 Years of Rural Conveyancing in Manilla and Tamworth

Leyden Legal has almost 70 years of experience in the Tamworth area providing professional rural conveyancing services. Our legal practice will help with transfers in relation to land, water resources, or any other aspects of your rural business. 

We know that each client is unique. At Leyden Legal, we emphasise a personalised approach and will tailor our rural conveyancing services to ensure the process runs smoothly and you achieve your goals.

Do I need a rural conveyancing solicitor?

If you wish to purchase or sell rural land, you are advised to engage a professional solicitor who will guide you through the entire process.  

What we do for you

When you choose Leyden Legal, you can be confident that we will tailor our services to suit your specific situation and requirements. 

Initially we schedule an in-person consultation to discuss your plans and requirements and with you formulate the best approach. 
As your legal representative, and keeping you informed all the way, we will:

  • Check if the rural land has the necessary Council approvals to develop planned structures.
  • Calculate the taxes and general fees
  • Check if any additional licences are required and help you obtain them
  • Conduct searches and enquiries on your behalf on things such chemical residues, plant diseases, pests, animals, insects, noxious weeds and livestock diseases. 

With our experience, local knowledge, skills and resources, we will help you achieve your business or lifestyle objectives.

Whatever your plans, know that you have legal professionals behind you to ease the process and help you get started.

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