Handling Complex Litigation Cases

Leyden Legal is a family-owned law firm that has been operating in Manilla, Tamworth and the surrounding area for a number of years. We have worked closely with businesses and individuals, taking them through complex litigation processes. If a litigation case cannot be settled out of court, we will provide court representation to help ensure the best outcome for our clients.

What a civil litigation lawyer does for you

Litigation lawyers are responsible for the representation of plaintiffs and defendants in civil matters. Their role is to advise throughout the different stages of the matter on the law, the facts, the evidence and potential options and outcomes available to you. They are also familiar with the processes of the various courts and tribunals and can navigate this process alongside you as well as, on occasion a Barrister.

In some cases, the opposing parties may agree to settle and prevent going to trial or seeing the on-going trial to the end. In such situations, your litigation lawyer will negotiate with the other party’s litigator, draft the necessary settlement documents and aid you in reaching the solution that you can be satisfied with. 

If you go to court and you are not satisfied with the final verdict, Leyden Legal will advise you on  your further options.

Why Leyden Legal for litigation

Leyden Legal has extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation. Having operated in the Manilla and Tamworth regions for many years we have varied experience in litigation matters. If you are experiencing personal or commercial conflict then please seek our legal advice so that matters can be resolved as efficiently and cost effectively for all parties involved.

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