Family Owned & Established in 1951

Leyden Legal is a family-owned legal firm. Established in 1951, we’ve been providing conveyancing and legal services to our community for many years.

The majority of legal matters involve contract law which is defined as a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties.

Do I need a contract lawyer?

For an agreement to be valid in court and legally binding a contract must follow defined formats, wording and structure. Anyone in business is strongly encouraged to engage a small business contract lawyer to be on hand when dealing with contracts, to facilitate the process and to ultimately protect you and your business. 

As contract law can be complex and subject to ambiguities, it is important that any business owner entering into contracts with other parties is confident that their interests and that of their business are well protected and secured from any disadvantage.

What we do for you

Our contract lawyers will draft, edit, manage and execute contracts,agreements and deeds between you and your business and any other parties. We are able to assist you with all areas of contract law.

For more information about the services provided by our small business contract lawyers, call us for an appointment. Leyden Legal professionals will guide and support you so that you can be confident in taking your business to the next step.

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